Kenneth Vatan-Woodall


Kenneth Vatan-Woodall graduated from USC with his BA in Film

Production and has directed numerous films and documentaries addressing pertinent social and cultural issues. His feature film script, "Transfigure" is an official selection of the Beverly Hills Film Festival, Semifinalist of Screencraft, Semi-finalist at LA CineFest, and 2nd round of the Sundance Feature Film Lab. His latest film, Debt of a Salesman won best comedy at the Portland Comedy Film Festival (top 100 Festival, FilmFreeway.)

Tony Bartele


Tony Bartele was born and raised in Indianapolis, IN. After moving to LA, he has worked on both sides of the camera. When not on a project, you can find him at the gym, in acting class, watching anime, gaming, exploring, or anything else that reminds him to remain a kid at heart. Which is something he believes is essential to being a great actor. Tony loves the artistry of acting/filmmaking, and ultimately all he wants to do is inspire, provoke thought, and provide an escape for others, just like the actors who inspired him growing up.  

Ryleigh Leggett

Amaya Washington

Ryleigh plays Luther's daugther, Amaya Washington in "To Serve and Protect." has been starring in film and television ever since she started walking.  She was featured in 2018's "Glass," "The Divisible," and "Peeking Out the Window." 

Ryan Shoos

Officer Jim

A Maine native, Ryan journeyed to Los Angeles almost 9 years ago to escape the cold and continue to pursue a passion for film acting. Ryan has found some great roles in feature films such as THE GALLOWS and SHOOTING IN VAIN. Keep and eye on this young talent, for he is sure to cement his place in the industry very soon.

Alison Wunderland


Alison Wunderland has produced numerous films, media project, and music. Her work has taken her all around the world from Southeast Asia to Africa and the Caribbean.


She has produced many award winning film projects which have screened all across the United States. Her films focus on minority and diverse representation on screen. 

Sheila Vatan-Woodall


Iranian-American women's right advocate,  Sheila Vatan-Woodall has published research on  the Middle East focused on the concept of the "Other" which breeds inherent discrimination. As an educator, she is passionate about breaking down stereotypes across all spectrums while advocating for gender, racial, and economic equality. As a writer, she explores philosophical themes of identity, cognition, social expressions, and the mind-body relationship, and the various manifestations of the self.

Jay Rivas


Jay Rivas, inspired young Latin-American actor born and raised in Los Angeles, California. Attended Baron Brown Studios for 2 years studying the Advance Meisner technique, Character Interpretation and Script Analysis.


Currently Representative by Avalon Artist Group.  Being raised in a Theatrical Background, at a young age, is when he came over the unforgettable feeling of a watching films, and falling in love with characters coming to life.


As an actor, he want to bring the script to life and allow an audience to feel emotions of the film through the character and morals of the story.

Charles Rossman

Sergeant Davis

Rossman's prolific career began in 1991 in the Universal Studios Stunt Show, after studies with the Groundlings and LAMDA. Rossman showed his comedic talent's in 1993's cult favorite, Buford's Beach Bunnies. He can be seen on General Hospital, Days of our Lives, The Young and the Restless and Port Charles. He was also featured in Hunter: Back in Force, CSI and The TICK. With over 200 acting and comedy roles Charley is currently considering offers for leading and strong supporting roles in Features and TV.

Arman Tahmizyan

Production Team

After graduating from USC, Arman worked in post-production as an editor for Black Lightning, Code Black, Midnight Texas, Kingdom, Falling Skies, The Walking Dead, Revolution, and more. He has worked on shows for many studios including NBC, ABC, HBO, and TNT.

Jay Kwon

Stunt Coordinator

Stunt coordinator Jay Kwon has worked on numerous films and television shows as a stunt coordinator, stunt performer, and actor. Recently, he portrayed Thug in The Punisher episode Roadhouse Blues.


He also was a stunt performer in the Iron Fist episodes Citadel on the Edge of Vengeance and War Without End and The Punisher episode Roadhouse Blues.






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